Process Design For Construction Project Management

As food industry specialists, our conceptual design processes for construction project management are carried out to incorporate the latest industry developments. Peter Swan Ltd designs processes that offer peak operating efficiency and meet current operating and hygienic standards, ensuring the highest quality when it comes to food processing building design and coldstore construction.
With Peter Swan Ltd’s formidable experience and expertise, no food processing building design is too complicated and no coldstore construction project too daunting. Dealing with everything from commercial refrigeration to insulated panels to refrigerated food displays, our team of experts knows what goes into food industry construction process designs. Put our efficient construction project management skills to work for you.

Food Processing Plant Design

The food industry poses unique and interesting process challenges for the construction industry. At Peter Swan Ltd, we understand that effective food processing plant design begins in the construction process. Project management plans for food processing plants must understand the major operational requirements of the industry. This includes maintaining extreme temperatures and strict sanitation standards while still managing to complete the project on time and on budget.
The project managers at Peter Swan Ltd understand these requirements and their expertise is reflected in their experience. We have coordinated process designs around the food processing equipment and environments necessary to satisfy the highest industry standards.

Coldstore Construction

Peter Swan Limited understands the the day to day food safety demands of cold storage, which is why we successfully incorporate coldstore construction design knowledge in our processes. Not only that, we also know how to adapt our coldstore construction process designs for new builds or to retrofit existing structures, ensuring that every project has a construction process designed specifically for its unique circumstances.
Constructability costs can be greatly reduced with efficient process design. Contact Peter Swan Ltd today and get access to a multi-disciplinary team of professional engineers, architects, and project managers to complete your industrial or commercial construction project.


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